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How to Use Sellzum
Using Sellzum

Before you can create a Sellzum Store, you will need to have the following:
Sellzum integrates directly with PayPal, so in order for you to sell your items, an account that can accept credit card payments and PayPal balance payments is required.

Once you have a PayPal account, register to create a Sellzum account and store page!  After you have activated your account via email, you can use our platform to create product galleries to organize your items.  Items can be sorted in a specified order by dragging and dropping.  Items should have a description, quantity, and price before they will show up in your public store page galleries.  You can embed these galleries on any existing website or page by using the code generation wizard.  All galleries added will show up in your store page.  You can use HTML to edit your store page about section found in your "Settings" in the control panel (accessible through the Sign In link on our home page).  Your store page can be access using the following URL:{YOU...M_USERNAME}

Our platform is extremely flexible.  You can customize your store page theme, banner, and even use a custom watermark to protect your content (if you choose to).  

Your Items, Your Prices, Your Money

It really is that simple!  When one of your products sell, the quantity available is updated, the buyer is informed of their purchase, a sales record is added to your account, and you are now ready to deliver the item any way you want to the buyer.  You also get the buyer's contact information (which you can see in the Sales view), so please get in contact via email to update them.

Because we integrate with PayPal, all payments made via the Sellzum platform come with buyer protection, and we're working on integrating with our Reviews section for seller reviews and possibly integrate with heatware in the new future to build confidence in our sellers and community. 

If you need help using Sellzum, please post in the support forum.  We'll post frequently asked questions and their answers in their forum as they popup.

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